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A letter to My daughter

Hey everyone! I want to share this letter that the Holy Spirit led me to write to myself. I pray that it encourages anyone who may be struggling with having a lack of confidence, patience, trust, and overwhelming feelings of sadness from a lack of support/understanding from loved ones. 

My daughter, 

these are things that I want you to work on. Lean upon Me, not yourself. I got you. Wait on Me. Trust in Me. I will never leave you nor forsake you, My Daughter. I love you.

Confidence. Why do you worry so much? I’ve carried you this far haven't I? Trust Me. I love you.

Patience. I know what you want. But I also know what you need. I have it all for you, but wait on Me, My daughter.

Facts not feelings. I know you have feelings. I know it hurts when your loved ones don't see what I’ve shown you. But My daughter, I’ve shown YOU. Rest in that. Even if no one ever sees what I’ve shown you, remain bold and confident in Me. I know the support and understanding from your loved ones is what you want, but all you really need is Me. Let My approval and My understanding fulfill you. Let my presence and love for you fulfill you. My daughter, let Me fulfill you. I can and I will, but you have to trust Me. Wait on me. Trust in Me. Believe Me. You don't have to take things so personally. It is my vision of you and of your life that matters. Come to Me always. I'll take your burden. I love you so much.

I am your God. The Great I AM. I am with you always, My daughter. 

I love you. 

Take My peace, My daughter. Enter My rest.

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