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Read the Bible

So here’s my thing,

We say we love God and that's great. We wake up and pray and that's great. We go to church on Sunday and that’s great. But when was the last time we opened our Bibles on our own time apart from church? Not spending time in the Word is so dangerous because it gives room for others to come in and formulate our opinions and beliefs of who God is. Now if you have someone who is well versed in the truth of Scripture, you’re at an advantage. However, how can you discern who is really preaching the truth and not some heresy? For those of you who don't know, a heresy is something that tells us the opposite of what Scripture tells us. In other words, it's a LIE. 

It’s okay for us to trust people for their godly council, but what are you basing this trust off of? How can you know that you can trust if someone is providing you with sound doctrine if you don't dig in the Word for yourself to find out what sound doctrine exactly is? Again, I'm not by any means saying that it's bad for us to watch sermons, to go to church, and so on, but this mustn't be our only source of getting closer to God. 

Read your bible. Get in the Word. Find out who God is for yourself. When you draw near to Him, He draws near to you! He will provide the increase. Get your daily bread. 

After you read this, I challenge you, whoever you are, to take 10-15 minutes (or more), quiet ALL distractions, and read a passage from Scripture.

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