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The Submitted Life

I had recently asked my friends on instagram to give me some questions that I could answer on my YouTube channel. One that really stuck out to me was, “How do you present your body as a living sacrifice?” Although I sought God for all of the questions that I’d received from my friends, I think I had to seek Him a little bit extra for this one. What He showed me is the importance of living a submitted life to Him. This is the means by which we are able to present our bodies as a living sacrifice. Have this mindset: “God, I only want what You want for me. Use me however You want. I lay my own fleshly wants and desires aside, and I submit to Your will.” When you submit to God, you posture yourself in such a way that allows you to present your body as a living sacrifice. 

So if laying our will aside, and desiring/seeking God’s will allows us to live a submitted life, and therefore present our bodies as a living sacrifice, this means that we have to know what God’s will actually is. We have to know His character. We have to know Him for who He really is. There is absolutely no way for us to know who God is without us seeking Him for ourselves. Open your Bible and get in the Word. 

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. If we are not diligently seeking the word of God, then ask yourself who, or what, are we really having faith in? Saying that we are living a life that is submitted to God while not reading the Word for ourselves is a whole contradiction.

Read the Bible.

Holla back.

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